Announcing Troll Bridge

A young troll cannot spend their entire life in their birth forest... You hunger for raw flesh and warm blood. You thirst for power and infamy. And—above all else—you lust for the glittering, gleaming metal mankind holds so dear: gold.

Trolls haunt the forests where they're born.

Ornithopter Games is happy to announce our first playable game prototype! Made over the course of 14 days for Adventure Jam 2015, Troll Bridge is a twist on the adventure game genre, heavily inspired by Steve Jackson's Sorcery! adventure gamebook series. With an emphasis on storytelling, Troll Bridge is packed with humor, pop-culture references, and quirky characters, including some classic adventure game mainstays.

In Troll Bridge, you are a young troll establishing yourself in a classic medieval fantasy world. This early version consists of a dozen unique encounters with branching and interwoven storylines, puzzles, and rewards, yielding 81 possible endings. Will you starve or become a gluttonous devourer of the land? Will you end up a penniless pauper, or amass a treasure hoard dragons would envy? Will you be feared as a scourge on the peasantry, or ridiculed in stories told over mugs of ale? It is all up to you! Fantasy and adventure fans will enjoy guiding their troll through the trials of troll life. As everyone knows: trollin' ain't easy.

Troll Bridge can be downloaded for free from its GameJolt page for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.

Every troll must seek their fortune in the world sooner or later.