Introducing Animation Viewer

Being a modern indie game dev means standing on some pretty tall shoulders. I know that I would be lost without the cornicopia of game dev tools, frameworks, advice posts, tutorials, and overall inspiration available both online and in our local communities. It may be that the only way to give thanks for this immeasurable support is to try to give back to other game devs.

It is in that spirit that I developed and released this free tool, aimed at making indie game dev just a little bit easier: Animation Viewer. It's a simple tool to streamline your 2D sprite animation workflow in Photoshop.

You can check out this demo video to see how it works.

Think of Animation Viewer as your faithful animation sidekick, ticking away in the background just waiting for that moment when you need a helping hand.

You can find the downloads over at GitHub. It should run anywhere with a Java 7 runtime installed. I've also put together a Windows executable that has Java bundled if you'd rather not install it.

Get in touch and let me know how it's working, if you have any ideas for improvement, or if you just want to show off your work. Good luck out there!