Hello and welcome! I suppose every blog should start with a mission statement explaining why it's here, and hopefully convincing you of why you're here. As stated on the front page, I am a software engineer. I'm a lot of things besides, but this blog and the site in general are aimed towards the realm of software. If that's a realm you inhabit or would like to inhabit then you'll probably find some words of interest here.

I think if I state this up front I can save myself from re-typing it in every blog post, but:

I am not an expert.

If it ever sounds like I'm trying to be the expert please understand it's purely accidental. I'm not sure there are experts in software. We are all students. The blind leading the blind as we all try to learn from each other. The magical part is that we all manage to accomplish something at the end of the day. The only failure is not to have learned something, and I take a lot of comfort in that idea.

Nevertheless, I may occasionally offer up opinions on the way I think things should be done. You may disagree with them. This is a really cool and exciting thing because it means we're all thinking critically; searching for a bit of shining truth in murky waters. I only ask that you try to be understanding of me and of your fellow readers: there's no reason for any of us to drown.

I'd like to thank you in advance, countrymen, for lending me your eyeballs. I shall do my best to make sure they are well treated, and their time well spent.